Most of the cross-chain solutions at the moment is hard to use, especially if you investing in multiple projects on different chains. To solve this, we created SolWallet as an all-in-one mobile chain agnostic wallet. While we are fascinated by, and believe in the innovation and opportunities that Solana bring with its own architect, we don’t think that the entire crypto ecosystem will exist on just one network. To us, Multichain is the future. With SolWallet, we are building an effective cross-chain infrastructure.

In short, with SolWallet, users can:

  • Store and transfer digital assets irrespective of their native chains.

  • Connect to blockchain applications on different chains

  • Swap seamlessly between protocols.

  • Manage and track digital assets on different chains.

All of this, from a single wallet — in which digital assets are safely stored and easily accessible.

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