The Vision

Where do we see ourselves in 5 years?

You read The context, you get the situation of the Blockchain Industry as a whole and the reason we are building Solpad.

Currently, there are a lot of Launchpads inside the Cryptocurrency market. The competition is fierce; however, each of them lacks something to be perfect and covers all aspects of the investing process. Furthermore, the launchpad is just a tool and should not become too "overhyped" in any way that it becomes unhealthy for the investors.

For that, we are building SolPad, to become "not another Launchpad". The goal of our platform is to become a fully functioned ecosystem that connects blockchain startups and investors to give everyone easy access to approach Solana Ecosystem. Furthermore, Solpad will act as a kickstart to give projects every means they need to succeed, including a launching platform, incubating support, and infrastructure support.

Below are the products that Solpad has to offer:

  • SolPad — Crowdfunding platform with support for Multi-chain IDO and guaranteed allocation for holders.

  • SolSwap — Multichain DEX

  • SolWallet — Multichain Mobile Wallet

All of these products are built natively on Solana and will be "bridged" to different chains such as BSC, Ethereum or Near in the future.

Why Solana you may ask?

There are countless reasons we choose to build on Solana. That might include that Solana technology structure included:

+ Sealevel allows Solana to quickly identify all non-overlapping transactions and process them at the same time.

+ Gulf Stream makes it possible to know a small number of upcoming Validators so that they can already begin accumulating transactions before they begin producing blocks.

+ Proof of history allows Solana to be able to scale massively in the future, without a tradeoff in speed versus security.

So, of course, it makes sense to build on Solana while it is becoming the go-to blockchain, especially for Web3 and Dapps projects that require a platform with high processing speed.

But the same does not apply to all projects. While some eager for speed, others will looking for the blockchains with rich ecosystem. In the future, single chain maximalism has proven to be counterproductive by all means.

That is the main reason why Solpad is built to become a Multichain Platform. We wished to give projects the mean they needed to thrive, on any chains that available.

The future of Blockchain is multichain, and the future is here.

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