Welcome to Solpad Finance.

One platform to rules it all.

Since inception, the success of DeFi applications has been staggering, although limited at inception, its growth has been accelerating to propel the industry around financial disintermediation to a multi-billion dollar powerhouse.

While limited initially, the DeFi market capitalization has culminated in exponential growth through the summer of 2020. The institutional landscape of DeFi is rapidly expanding, taking over, mor- phing and synthesizing the institutions of traditional finance by infusing de- centralized governance and permissionless access mechanics, all on-chain, all inclusive and incorruptible.

The sheer potential for crowd innovation enabled by the open source nature of the bulk of the DeFi codebase is yet another major factor fueling the explosive growth of the ‘money legos’. The aforementioned, calls for an obvious conclusion: today, we are in the very early stage of the process of formation of the new institutional landscape that, for the upcoming decades, will reshape the financial system as we know it today, turning it into something very different, something inclusive, free, and efficient.

Decentralized applications, having their goal to replace key institutions com- prising the landscape of the contemporary financial system, have been growing ever more sophisticated and efficient in terms of lending and borrowing mecha- nisms, risk management and on-chain liquidity generation. The pace at which innovations happen is higher than ever and accelerating.

The day is finally here, with the launch of Solpad Finance, an AIO Platform built natively on Solana with TRUE multichain support.

The main aim of Solpad Finance is to solve the illiquidity problem of Solana Ecosystem, and to provide the one harmonized UX/UI using our platform (an important thing that usually getting neglected by other projects).

Furthermore, Solpad Finance is backed by most reputated VCs and partners within the Blockchain Industry. We are trying to solve real problems, and avoiding overpromising, especially in the current over-hyped market condition.

Our products, consist of:

+ A Launchpad with tiered structure and guarantered allocations for Token Holders.

+ An AMM DEX, help bridging tokens from Solana to other Blockchain (ERC20, BSC20, etc...)

+ A Multichain wallet, allow users to store, transfer and swapping digital assets on different chains.

All built natively on Solana.

Welcome to Solpad Finance, one platform that consists of everything you need to participate in the greatest era of Decentralized Finance.

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