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The current market situation is just purely chaos. New projects popping out every day, and not everyone will have the chance to buy. Furthermore, most of the new projects are developing on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

Solpad was originally born as a Solana-only launchpad. However, over time it became obvious that despite the high level of technological sophistication and caliber of the participants, the Solana ecosystem is missing Apes. The total Solana TVL is around $30m, while Pancakeswap exceeds $8bn.

Solpad believes that Solana is the blockchain of the future, and the ultimate economic equilibrium will be reached when the majority of DeFi projects will be launching on Solana. However, Binance Smart Chain currently reigns supreme as it enables seamless UX between Binance, BSC and Pancakeswap.

The goal of Solpad is to become the go-to IDO platform integrating all major Layer 1 chains. That is the reason why, SolPad will become the first Multichain project built on Solana

Furthermore, SolPad will give everyone equal chance to join IDO on our platform. With a tiered structure that benefits for our holders, the chance to get into IDOs will belong to the people, not exclusively some whales using Bots.

Products Features

Pooled structure.

On Solpad, we are using a pooled structure to give everyone a fair chance to participating on upcoming IDO, just by staking our token PAD.

The proccess are simple. Users just need to stake enough number of PAD token follow a certain periods before the sale dates. According to the number of staked PAD token, users will be "pooled" into different tiers, that split guaranteed allocations among participants.

Below are the example of the different tiers on Solpad:

Multi chain support

There are multiple blockchain protocols, and more appear every day. SolPad was built to become a blockchain-agnostic. We support multiple blockchain on our platform

IDO on SolPAD Finance

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